This summer we had a wonderful photo shoot and got to borrow a local bar here in Stockholm. We had so much fun posing at the bar and on the stage. Markus Tornkvist and Emma Österlund did an amazing work as models and we had the music photographer Kristian Reuter to take the photos and help me rig up the place. The makeup and hair was made by Sminket Stockholm. I also had some family and friends that helped me through the day and to make all this possible!

Alot of pieces from the photoshoot has already been published here and on social media but some are still waiting to get out there so keep a look out! Some pieces are still left to be purchased but alot have already been shipped out. As usually you can still get pieces from me especially designed for you or current designs sewn up.

Next photoshoot has not yet been scheduled but are most likely to happen in April or May 2018. In the meantime you will see alot of teasers and other intressting projects, stay tuned!

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