Presenting the new models!

Alot is happening behind the scenes right now we’re so excited to share it with you as soon as possible. As you might have seen here my model Markus has started working with me and now has the responsibility for all social media and marketing for example and will also help with purchasing and orders. That will really help take a load off my shoulders and we will hopefully reach out to you guys much faster. It is really gonna be a blast working more together and put life in many more ideas of ours. Right now we’re playing around with the thought of printing up tank tops with amazing prints that are going to be a lot more ready-to-wear than my original stuff that are all custom made for each client. So really looking forward to get that part of my brand going as well! Markus is not my only new partner! On the picture here we can see the new addition of models, Ida and Keith. Ida is wearing the lips n’ hips flares in faux suede and lace detail and Keith is wearing the Dandy vest with paisley lining and chains on the side. I actually came across Ida on Instagram and really fell for her so I just had to ask if she wanted to model for me because as you see above I knew she was gonna look smokin' in my designs. Ida has done some modelling earlier just for fun but also for another brand and as a hair model and she told me that this is something she really aspires to do more of in the feature. She then told me about her boyfriend Keith that has done some modeling in France, England and here of course as an alternative model and really wants to continue on that career, I really think he has a look that fits my style perfectly and is going to look kick ass in my clothes. The photoshoot is going to take place in the middle of May and we are still looking for a makeup artist, he or she will be getting a lot of creative freedom so this is perfect for someone that is looking to update their portfolio, so if you are interested or know someone that might be please don’t hesitate to ask me! Photo by: Björn Photography

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