Badass custom orders

The brand Never Follow Designs stand for just that, don't follow anyone else and only wear really unique garments that you really love. Life's too short for ugly mainstream fashion. I only make one of a kind garments that you've never seen before so don't be afraid to send in more custom orders and be apart of it! That is what I live for and would be so fun to do more of these projects where the customer come with their ideas as well and we can work together to create something fabulous. A new collection will be out in May and those items will be up for grabs shortly after so be quick!

The vest on the picture is a custom order from last year where the customer asked for a denim vest that would work great outside of a motorcycle

jacket. The vest is lined with a light grey hoodie to give more contrast to the dark leather and the dark denim. The sides of the vest has buckles so that when you're wearing it without big jackets under it you will be able to adjust the size so it will fit great anyways. The pockets are open so that you will easily will be able to reach the pockets on the jacket underneath. The vest even has an inside pocket with a Monster Energy drink logo on it to really fulfill the customers needs and make it really personal.

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