Behind the scenes

This is maybe a bit more than half of the clothes that will be a part of the spring collection. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gotten into this and more will it be and the deadline for the photoshoot is coming up pretty soon now! My process varies a lot when I work. The ideas comes from all over the place so the sketching have to happen on the spot, otherwise I often forget it a few minutes later. Then the crafting process is more strict and I plan everything I do but I also tend to come up with these stupid projects that take forever to complete or I have no clue how to execute but most of the time it works out really well anyways. This collection is going to be more focused on whole outfits than the last one that had more focus on the garments on their own. So I am really looking forward to explore that way of working. This weekend me and my makeup artist are going to get together and play around with the makeup and styles to get a great look that matches the outfits well. Maybe there will be a little teaser on the looks on Instagram later on so keep a lookout!

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