Ida: "I believe in people with true passion for what they do"

I got the question if I wanted to model for the upcoming collection and since I'm both very interested in traveling and modelling it was easy to say yes. But most of all, helping other creative people out who is brave enough to build their own brand with their own passionate hands, blood sweat and tears, easily gets to my heart, since I started out from scratch myself with what I now do for a living. Since a very small age I've expressed myself through clothing and style and I'd say it is as important to me as eating and sleeping haha. I'm very excited to see the upcoming collection. I can only imagine how much effort you must have put into it but I'm sure it will be noticeable! Can't wait! I believe people with true passion for what they do, sooner or later end up succeeding. Until then and after, I'm excited to be there as support through the journey, I really believe in Never Follow's future!

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