Rock n' Roll Bohemian Custom Order

Always so exciting to get custom orders but this one was really fun and tricky. The challenge was to do a dress that was really rock n' roll but with a bohemian print for a competition for alternative metal models for a pregnant girl. It was not easy to say the least but after a lot of consulting with the customer and a lot of sketches and fabric choices this is what I came up with. After the sketch and material was decided the tricky part was to get her to fit in the dress. Since she was expecting, she grew some during the process and it was hard to get the correct measurements. But the dress turned out great and the fit as well and we now hope that it will work just as well with a flat tummy so she can wear it again. She didn't make it to the final in the competition though but we already discussed working together for next years competition so I am really looking forward to that! Right now I am working on multiple projects, some more customorders, some merch and two new small collections for future photoshoots. So alot of hard work ahead and I couldn't be more excited!

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